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About me:

Outside of work, the majority of my downtime is spent preparing or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Over the last 7 years I have spent time designing content for most all aspects of gameplay, including dungeon maps, unique monsters/ creatures, new mechanics, characters, storyline etc. I frequently participate in several campaigns, both as the game leader and as a regular participant. 

I have always enjoyed pushing my creativity, whether through world creation in Dungeons and Dragons, brainstorming game ideas or in my artwork (which usually is done to provide visual aid for either of the previously mentioned things). 

I also grew up with a passion for video games, beginning with the family Wii and a couple old game consoles, I have found the evolution of video games an exciting journey to witness. My favourite kinds of games are 3rd person, real time, combat adventure games (which is partially reflected in my Final Year Project), such as Alice: Madness Returns and Rogue Galaxy.

- Creativity - Gaming - Dungeons and Dragons -

2020 - 2023

Staffordshire Univerity

 2013 - 2020

Welshpool Highschool

BEng (Hons) Computer Game Design, First Class.

Modules: Advanced Games Technology Project

  •  Individual Games Technology Portfolio

  • Collaborative Games Development and Testing (Junior and Senior)

  • Advanced Games Technical Design

  • Advanced 3D Engines and Scripting (Unreal Engine)

  • 2D Game Art

  • 3D Games Design and Development

  • Narratology for Games

  • Introductory modules (3D Games Engines, Game Design and 3D Modelling for Games)


  • Acted as President of the Christian Union during my second year of study.

A Levels: 

  • Art: A


  • Maths: A


  • Physics: B


  • Voted as Deputy Head Boy for my final year.

  • Formed and ran a Dungeons and Dragons club for the other students.


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