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Luke Magness

Computer Game Design Graduate; First Class
Professional Summary:

Creative game design undergraduate, experienced in creating a variety of high quality projects through the combined use of technical and creative abilities. I have worked both collaboratively and independently, always creating high quality projects in accordance with scheduled plans and goals. Additionally I am a natural leader and proficient planner, able to thrive and guide through collaborative projects with creative thinking, logical planning and a deep passion for my field.

Pirton Lane





07956 127013


Bachelor of Science, Computer Game Design, First Class; September 2020 - May 2023

Staffordshire University - Stoke on Trent

Through my degree I have participated in two collaborative projects, one as a junior and one as a senior, created six of my own games and four prototypes that were built off of premade demos.

  • 3 Years Unreal Engine Experience

  • Proficient in the Advanced implementation of Blueprints.

  • Creative Thinking

  • Analytical and Critical Thinking

  • Effective communication

  • Effective Team worker and Team builder

  • Design development

  • Technical Designer

  • Proficient Problem solver

  • Adaptable and proficient at Improvising

  • 7 years’ experience in designing and running games of Dungeons and Dragons


University Degree:

  • BEng (Hons) Computer Game Design, First Class


  • Was elected President of the Christian Union in my second year at university

  • Launched and advertised a succesful Kickstarter Project after university

  • Was elected Deputy Head Boy in sixth form.

Individual Projects: 

  • A real time, third person combat system with working UI, movement system, spell system, attack combos and functioning enemy AI.

  • A 2D pixel art platformer and resource gathering game with function potion crafting, inventory and score tracking systems.

  • A Minecraft themed third person action game with Minecraft themed mechanics, enemies and map.

  • A PS1 style puzzle platformer game which promotes exploration through the use of darkness.

  • Created my own content for Dungeons and Dragons for over 7 years.

  • A fantasy themed, werewolf Player vs Player collection game, with functioning combat mechanics, power ups and shops.

  • A puzzle platformer, using the possession of characters with different inherent abilities to progress.

  • Designed levels for a pre-built Top-Down shooter, a prebuilt Metroidvania and a prebuilt third-person puzzle-platformer game.


Collaborative Projects:

  • Senior, Technical Design: A fast-paced fantasy style dungeon crawler FPS, with numerous spells, enemies and traps.

  • Junior, Technical Design: A retro inspired dynamic space shooter, with numerous enemies, power ups and a final boss which I created.

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