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5 Detailed NPCs

(My first D&D Kickstarter)


Why this project?

I was originally going to make a Lego themed game, however the availability of assets caused me to change to Minecraft, which I felt was similar to Lego in some ways. I also originally considered having a top down angle for the game, however I realised that would be very similar to Minecraft Dungeons. I also wanted to see if I could create the blueprints for placing and breaking blocks.

What I learned

This project was my first dip into an inventory system. Although only a 9 item hotbar, it was still an introduction to keeping track of items (both in quantity and selection). I also had to approximate the animations  through saved instances of the main skeletal mesh. 

MC Shot4.jpg

What I enjoyed

As a fan of Minecraft, I enjoyed creating a game based off of it.   I enjoyed figuring out the hotbar system and creating the blueprints for placing and breaking blocks. Using Niagara to replicate the Minecraft particles was also satisfying to see come together.

Critical Review

A couple of little things I would have liked to improve would be the armor texture and the pathfinding of the mobs as they are unable to go up or down blocks. I accounted for this by having most of the map be flat.

The main thing I would have liked to have fixed was that sometimes the player can place blocks over other blocks, and can place blocks in their space. 

MC Shot6.jpg
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